JamesRandiFoundation YouTUBE Account Suspended

Editor’s note: The JREF YouTUBE account has been restored, news and information here, James Randi Speaks: YouTUBE Suspension.

I don’t know how to respond to this – primarily because I have no clue why it happened – but all I can say right now is that this is stupid on the face of it. James Randi is an amazing illusionist (it’s right there in his stage name) and he’s also an excellent resource for looking into the false claims of psychics, scam artists, con artists, and televangelists who claim faith healing and other unproven and grossly bogus activities.

And now his channel has been suspended by YouTUBE. It is not uncommon for people like the above to run false flagging campaigns, to misuse the DMCA, and to otherwise abuse the law and other resources to attack venues like YouTUBE in order to suspend their detractors. And YouTUBE, following the DMCA law and their own policy in a fashion bereft of actual wisdom—suspend on whim.



Scroll to the very bottom and click on “new issue” Select “suspended account” from the options and express your opinion.

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Bad Claims: The Recession of the Moon



Of course, some presentations of this are worse than others. In this one Thunderf00t lambastes a particularly bad example of the claim/argument, but he does cover rather tidily the issues involved.



And here’s one where Desertphile does an excellent job of explaining why the extrapolation based on no evidence is outright intellectually dishonest; he also goes into some of the evidence that makes the extrapolation obviously incorrect.

This bad argument has been floating around for some time. It’s a gross misunderstanding of astronomy promulgated by Answers in Genesis to the credulous and those with little scholarship in any of the sciences needed to comprehend it. The biggest problem with this argument—and it’s not really an argument; it’s more like an unsupported claim—is that it rests on a faulty premise: The moon has been receding from the Earth at the same rate since it’s inception.

Really? Do you have evidence that it has been receding at the same rate ever since whatever event generated our moon? The answer isn’t just a resounding, “No,” it’s a resounding, “There is evidence that the moon had been receding by much less in the past than it is today.”

There are a number of poorly framed arguments and bad claims made by Creationism that involve unsupported extrapolation in this manner. It’s a great deal like looking at how the temperature has risen by 20 degrees between 6am and noon—and then extrapolating that the entire universe must have been frozen solid a few days ago and that we’re all therefore going to die in a fire within a few days ourselves. Without either direct observation of the temperatures from midnight to 6am; or at least evidence to permit us to extrapolate those temperatures making claims that temperatures will continue to rise or had in fact risen from absolute-zero would be laughed at.

These claims and arguments are, of course, not being published in any peer reviewed journals on the very subjects of geology, astrophysics, or physics because they’re blatantly wrong and wouldn’t even make it past the editorial phase. Instead, they are being spread instead in the political sphere; taking a the low road of attempting to convince a credulous and unstudied population to make them “true.” They can’t make it with these claims in places where people will actually put them to the test.

When people resort to cheating and misrepresentation to make their point, it’s time to either take them to task or dismiss them.

The Recession of the Moon and the Age of the Earth-Moon System (Tim Thompson, 2000)

Video of the Week: 4 Questions from a Muslim

4 Questions for an Atheist


This is a video from FactVsReligion, she’s a vlogger from YouTUBE who has her own varied takes on atheism and religiosity. New, but friendly, and trying to make a place for herself in the confines. I think that in between the straight argument videos, I want to include some of visible people instead of the images/text documented speech variety.

Video of the Week: Refuting Way of the Master Anti-Evolution Video

DonExodus2 series refuting the Way of the Master Evolution video

DonExodus2 is a evolutionary biology student and Christian who makes posts on YouTUBE about evolution and Creationist propaganda. Like others, he discovered gross inaccuracies, dishonesty, and outright lies in the Way of the Master videos by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

Why O’Reilly is sometimes worth watching (the mistakes of others inform us.)

Of course, O’Reilly is totally incorrect about the law. The decorum of the capital building was violated exactly the same by the atheist sign as the creche. The establishment clause of the 1st amendment requires that any speech being permitted by the State in the capital building needs to be vetted under a premise other than religion.

This is exactly what should have happened: the only rational way to uphold the establishment clause is to prevent all religious speech promoted by the State. Why? Because there are BILLIONS of religious viewpoints and not enough room to hold them.

This is exactly what happened here.

Poor Megyn Kelly. O’Reilly set her up disrespectfully by calling her misguided, and in a previous encounter he called her a “cookie” or something. He has been misinformed by whomever he got his information from; but it’s important to keep in mind that the State shouldn’t be respecting any establisment of religion over any other. That means all or nothing.

All is reliably impossible.

Video of the Week: How to Convert an Atheist Part 1

How to Convert an Atheist Part 1


This is a video from a short series by FightingAtheist, who decided to create a series on how to convert an atheist from disbelief. Basically it is a series of quandaries that would lend themselves as actual evidence, i.e. those things that would manifest the supernatural, making it testable and therefore compelling as proof.

Video of the Week: A “Deconversion” Part IV, A Child’s Testimony

A “Deconversion”: Part IV, A Child’s Testimony


This is a video in a multi-part series of videos done about a girl critiquing the mores and traditions of the Mormon mythology. She identifies a multitude of problems disaffecting individuals. Carefully crafted intros with quotes, piano music, and then gogreen18 speaking to her audience through oval spectacles and thoughtful prose.

She includes videos about sexism, unegalitarian behavior, the indoctrination of children, and other abuses of the human condition cited by many critics.

You can also start with the first one: A “Deconversion” Part I, Driving Guilt.