Phoenix Area Links

  • The Phoenix Atheists Meetup Group
    A large secular group with regularly scheduled and well attended events.
  • The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix
    The HSGP is an offically recognized chapter of the American Humanist Association.
  • The Lippard Blog
    Jim Lippard, an intelligent and prolific blogger, brings us stories about science, religion and politics (AKA The Perfect Storm).
    Heresy Research Labs, creating games to stretch your brain. Rationality, comics, games, what else could you want?
  • Mill Avenue Vexations
    An occult fiction serial novella by our friend Kyt Dotson. It is freely available online and on Mill.
  • New Book(s) for a New World
    Home of 42: The Third Testament and other books aimed at teaching science to anyone who wants to learn, in a way that they can understand.
  • ApostAZ
    [uh-pos-tuh-zee] is a local atheist podcast recorded by members of The Phoenix Atheists Meetup Group.
  • Greydon Square
    A Phoenix area transplant who grew up as an orphan in gang-ridden Compton, but has beaten the odds and is currently studying physics at ASU and making atheist hip-hop music.

Free Thought Links

  • Freedom From Religion Foundation
    A great nonprofit organization which has been promoting freethought and defending the constitutional principle of the separation of state and church since 1978.
    Home of the (in)famous scientist and author, Richard Dawkins. He has written such great books as The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene, and there are many great articles, videos and other materials linked from his site.
  • The Nontheist Nexus
    A site committed to connecting the secular community. They publish a very nice monthly web zine which some of our members have contributed to. Please read it and submit your own content to them if you can!

Thought Provoking Fun

  • Normal Bob Smith
    Normal Bob Smith is a ministry that spreads Atheist views through humor and sexy schoolgirls.

Best Blogs

  • Tree Dreamer
    Tree Dreamer is a blog about many things and offers a great perspective on faith and the lack thereof.
  • Pharyngula
    No atheist blog list is complete without the almighty PZ Myers, a biologist specializing in godlessness.

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