The curse of faith by Pat Condell

Atheist Videos

  • Pat Condell
    Pat Condell stands up against religion with "Godless Comedy" that will make the unbeliever laugh, and the believer cringe…and hopefully think.
  • Thunderf00t
    A very nice series of videos titled "Why do people laugh at creationists?" can be found here among other interesting and amusing content.
  • ExtantDodo
    These two young college students humorously rip apart creationist arguments, particularly those of Creation Science Evangelism and Kent Hovind, who keep trying to shut them down with frivolous DMCA attacks. Kent is a former high school science teacher, but somehow he still fails to fully grasp even grade school science.
  • AronRa
    In an ongoing series of videos called Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism, AronRa tears apart many false creationist ideas about science.
  • DonExodus2
    A fairly prolific video creator, DonExodus2 has dozens of videos on evolution, creationism and religion in general.
  • AndromedasWake
    In his Creation Astronomy Propaganda (or CrAP) Debunked series, AndromedasWake takes on creationists’ false claims about the origin and history of the universe.
  • cdk007
    Although it can be hard for people without a good high school or college level understanding of various scientific disciplines, there is a lot of good information in cdk’s videos.

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