Arizona Proposition 102

Whose rights should we take away?

If you were refused the right to do something that was important to you based on the personal or religious bias of people around you while they freely exercised their own rights to do the same thing, would you think it was right?

What if they decided that you were of such an inferior class that “your kind” should never be allowed to participate in these activities, and that stopping you was important enough to amend the Constitution to avoid the possibility of anyone letting you participate in the future?

Should such myopic social policies restricting minority rights be given the same weight as our right to free speech?

Just as in the cases of women’s suffrage and the abolition of slavery, there is no reasonable justification for denying homosexual couples the right to marry — a right every heterosexual person in the United States has.

In the state of Arizona, it is already illegal for same sex couples to marry, but rather than being fair and trying to get that law overturned, many churches and other groups are trying to amend our Constitution to prevent these unions from taking place now or in the future.

Many people think that homosexual sex is “gross”, but this is no reason to deny homosexuals the same rights we all have. If we let bigotry win, our children and grandchildren will be ashamed of us, and rightly so.

Please join and the Secular Free Thought Society of ASU in voting no on Arizona Proposition 102, California Proposition 8 and any other similar propositions in other states!