What’s the matter with you, Hat?

What’s the matter with you, Hat? is a song by Pink Munky which is basically just a bunch of samples of recordings of L. Ron Hubbard, creator of Scientology saying crazy, racist and just plain stupid things.

Did you know that not smoking enough causes lung cancer? I guess either Scientologists haven’t heard the more crazy things Hubbard said or they’re just so brainwashed that they have to try to explain away the most ridiculous parts rather than recognizing them for what they are and seeing the whole tapestry start to unravel. That seems to be the way it goes with a lot of religions/cults though…

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My name is Shawn Esplin and I am an advocate of Free Thought and general good sense and thought in general. To that end, I encourage people to seriously question the things that they have been taught, especially as children, because many of these things - religious and secular - are taken on faith until we actively choose to seriously examine them for ourselves.

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