If TV News Existed in 1200BC

No doubt the populations at odds in the Jewish myth of the exodous felt a certain amount of umbrage for the actions of one another. However, in the story, how could have the Jews or the Egyptians known that the god YHVH was purposefully changing the Pharaoh’s mind each time that Moses demanded that his people be released from their servitude.

I, for one, really loved the Eye of Ra transition effect between the different segments of the video.

Well produced and in some ways it pokes satire at modern foreign affairs—although sometimes these occurrences are little laughing matter.

This satirical faux news show is worthy of the Onion News Network.

Link, via YouTube.

2 thoughts on “If TV News Existed in 1200BC

  1. I should really brush up on my ancient Egyptian history — I didn’t even catch who they said the Phararoh happened to be. I used to love Egyptology (is it still called that?) when I was much younger and had a small library of books specifically on the forensic and historical anthropology of Tutankhamun, the image of Amun and boy king of Egypt. (I think one of the books was titled something like that.)

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