Bad Claims: Population Supports Global Flood

In their attempts to prove the Bible true and to disprove evolution, I have heard creationists make many bad claims, but one of my creationist friends has recently taken to using three specific claims which he seems to think are unassailable. Yesterday we took one apart (the recession of the moon). Today the next comes down, and it comes down in a much worse way for creationists.

The claim is that if we trace the population of the world back, assuming that the population grows at a specific rate which they make up to fit with the story they are trying to prove, then at the time they believe the Biblical flood happened there would have been 8 people just like the Bible says. This idea is completely unsupportable.

Not only does the population of the world today not in any way prove that a global flood happened 4,400 years ago leaving only 8 people, 7 of each “clean animal” and 2 of each “unclean animal” alive, the population of the world shortly after this time proves that it could not have happened. Once again, creationists hang themselves by attempting to use science.

The video does not cover everything that’s wrong with this ludicrous claim, but it should do more than enough to put it to rest in most people’s minds.

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