My First Week in The Tribulation Bunker

The Antichrist won\'t get me here!This is my Tribulation Bunker. Some darn Satanic teenagers spray painted over Lord Jesus’s name with Satan.

Hello, my name is Peter Enos Young. My friends call me Enos, and I pray that I will be blessed with the opportunity to make you my friends in Christ. I am grateful to be named after such a great man as the apostle Peter, but to maintain my humble view of myself I prefer to be called Enos which is Hebrew for “human being”.

You are probably wondering by now why I am here on this ungodly web page, and to tell you the truth, I still wonder a little myself. I was recently contacted by the group that runs this site asking if I wanted to give a Christian perspective to you all, but after seeing what filth they put up here I just couldn’t imagine helping them out, so at first I turned down these minions of Satan. I said “No, I will not help you with the devil’s work!”

So what changed my mind? Barack Hussein Obama did.

On election night I was glued to the TV set all night long, praying and praying like Pastor Muthee “Lord, make a way!” I was begging God to let John McCain win the election and then take him from this Earth so that Jesus’s true servant, Sarah Palin could lead us in righteousness against the Antichrist Barack Hussein Obama.

When even the good people at Fox News admitted defeat and proclaimed Barack Hussein Obama to be the next president of these United States, I did the sensible thing and sealed myself up tight for a week in my Tribulation Bunker and prayed for the Supreme Court to overturn this travesty of a presidential election, but they never did. Sadly the good Lord has not yet taken the rest of the godless liberals from our court to allow them to be replaced by more good Christian men, but God must have a plan, and I won’t question it.

It seems to me that the Lord is just setting Miss Palin up to lead us in 2012, to be our rock in the last days so that we can make it through safely, living in obedience to God’s commandments until Jesus comes down in clouds of glory and lifts her right up out of that wicked town of Washington DC and takes her away to heaven with the rest of the angels.

I expect by the next election the Antichrist Barack Hussein Obama will have been elected to his new office leading the new world government, and since that is part of God’s plan, I guess we just had to be stuck with him first. Let’s all pray that we make it through these trying times by putting our trust in the Lord Jesus who knows all things and has a plan for each and every one of us.

I had a lot of time to think about this while I was in the Tribulation Bunker. I know that Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist, but sometimes we just can’t understand the ways of God, so I just put my trust in Him and decided that instead of hiding from the Antichrist, I would go to the kind of place he would go and there I will spread the Word of God. Places like this web page.

I figured you all were better off with one voice calling you to righteousness than just surrounded by the rest of this blasphemy you see every day, so when I came out of the bunker the first thing I did was I sent an email to these people and I told them “You don’t know what you’ve got yourself into. I am bringing the fire of the Lord and He is going to burn the face of your web page with His glory and your heathen readers will be turned against you and come to the Lord in humble submission and repentance begging to be given His loving grace and spared the eternal torments of the fires of Hell where the worm never dies and the fire never goes out!”

Even these infidels could see the glory of God shining through this humble servant of his, so they quickly agreed that I would have full editorial control over my writings and I could post anything I wanted to any time I wanted to, so I am taking over this web page for the Lord Jesus Christ! Out foul spirits of evil! The Lord will not abide you demons in His presence! I banish you to those pornographic web pages like Victoria’s Secret where they show the heathen whores all whored up in their whore suits for men to lust after!

Now that we’re alone, I want to give you an important message for today. I want to take back the words that the Antichrist has tried to corrupt in his villainous campaign to enslave the good Christian American people:

Can we put aside our own petty human thoughts and emotions and just do exactly what the good Lord reveals to us as our righteous path? Yes we can!

I want to be your light in this pit of darkness, leading you to the everlasting light of God’s glory. Please allow me to take your hand and bring you up out of Hellfire and back into the grace and glory of God’s love.

Your friend in Christ,
P. Enos Young