Make the ultimate sacrifice for Lent: Give up God

Today is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, the day to go crazy before Lent kicks in. For 40 days, starting tomorrow, we’re supposed to deprive ourselves and do penance for the debauchery that hits its peak today.

Traditionally people give up something for Lent. It may be something as minor as not eating ice cream, or something as major as fasting and self-flagellation for all 40 days.

I would like to suggest something even more radical. Rather than the relatively unhelpful sacrifices like starving or beating yourself, why not do the one thing that could most dramatically change your world view? Why not make the ultimate sacrifice and give up God?

Compared to a lifetime of belief, 40 days of unbelief should not ultimately be enough to make a dent in your faith. That is unless God doesn’t exist. Are you brave enough to find out?

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About Kazz

My name is Shawn Esplin and I am an advocate of Free Thought and general good sense and thought in general. To that end, I encourage people to seriously question the things that they have been taught, especially as children, because many of these things - religious and secular - are taken on faith until we actively choose to seriously examine them for ourselves.

10 thoughts on “Make the ultimate sacrifice for Lent: Give up God

  1. Instead of ” giving up God ” ( I will reserve judgement on that idea ) try giving up on not helping your fellow humans.

  2. How about if I help people give up God?

    I already do try to help my fellow humans, and other animals as well, and I can and would do that regardless of my beliefs about gods.

    In fact, I think that not believing in gods makes me want to help more because I don’t believe that there is any supernatural force out there to help people. That means if we don’t do it, it doesn’t get done.

  3. I pray that you stop this stie so that you may find the time to find God because that is why you make such selfish acts against God is because you don’t know him yet and you long for that some one… you are lonely and everyoe can see it in your website…you need him, but you feel that the only way to get his attention is to kill God first…so i pray that you stop or before God takes action with anger on you and trust me you dont want that for youself…

  4. Actually most of us are quite content with our lives so far, and many of us aren’t all that selfish. The only things I really long for are knowledge and understand, and more time goes on the more I understand and the more I am lead to the inexorable conclusion that the bible along with all other religious texts are nothing more then mythos. The reason why most of us speak out against religion or at lest the more fundamentalist points of view is that it is fundamentally detrimental to us individually, us as a society and us as a species. You can pray for us all you want Victoria, but in the end the only one your actually praying to is your self.

  5. I’ve been researching the internet for ideas about teaching the meaning of Lent to the children at my church, and stumbled on this web site. I admit, I was intrigued enough by the title of this web site, I just had to check it out. (Forgive me Lord, for giving into temptation.) Everyone has the right to believe in what ever they want and practice their beliefs. That’s why we love this great country. We all have free will. God even allows us free will. I am a Disciple of Christ, one of God’s soldiers. I will share my beliefs and feelings about my chosen practice to those who have a true interest, but I do not force my beliefs on others. I will pray that those of you who are self-appointed missionaries, to be considerate of other people’s right to their own will.

  6. With god there is no free will, that is the whole point behind surrendering your life to him. You put him in control and lose most of fundamental pleasures of being human.

  7. Thats not true, with God there is always free will! I mean look around you, everything happens because we as people are self centred. It’s a human quality. Im a catholic, and I too believe that everyone is entitled to free will. I have a lot of atheist friends and it doesn’t mean they are lonely or just cause their atheist they’re bad people, everyone is so good at labelling people. I know the whole idea of god doesn’t make sense to a lot of people – the truth is that in end everyone will find out:)

  8. Giving up God simply leads us to become slaves of sin. It would be so easy to act on all of our desires, but only with God’s help can we free ourselves from the slavery of sin. God created a perfect world for all of us at the beginning of time, but if he didn’t give us the choice to disobey him, then we would simply be forced to love Him. But is real love forced? If it’s forced, then it’s not love. God would never force us to love Him, so he gave us the gift of free will. And so when the first humans chose against God, our species was infected with that disconnect from God, and therefore a lack of love–sin. That’s why humanity faces the turmoil that we do on Earth still today. And even though humanity faces the natural consequence of choosing against God, He loves us so much that He has given us another chance–the chance for eternal life and perfect love with Him forever. But again, God will not force us to choose Him. Instead, we have to choose Him for ourselves. And if we do so while on Earth, our choice will be fulfilled when our bodies die. And even when we choose against Him, he still loves us incredibly. God doesn’t punish us, but the natural consequence of choosing against His love is unhappiness, loneliness, jealousy, anxiety, and all of the struggles that we face today.

    I don’t hate you for making this page, and neither does God. I know that being an atheist doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. I also know that if God won’t give up on you. However, He can’t be revealed to someone whose heart is not open to the possibilities of the truth. I challenge you to genuinely ask God to reveal Himself to you… If He’s real, you will find Him, and if He’s not, then you won’t. But if you don’t keep an open heart, you’ll never grow in understanding of the truth. What do you have to lose?

    Kazz- I have no doubt that you’re doing great things to help the world. But if there really is a God, imagine what you could accomplish with Him by your side? We might share different views, but let’s face it–we all just want to know the truth. Good luck with everything and thanks for being honest with your views.

  9. Wow. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions but putting things like this out there is horrible :( I can only pray for lost souls like yours.

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