666 Revealed, Revealed

The "Documentary" 666 Revealed is such an unconvincing piece of video that it hardly seems worth mentioning, but for anyone who may be inclined to accept what it says at face value, here are a few of the serious flaws in it.

When 666 Revealed begins, it gives the distinct impression of being a 1980s or earlier production based on the abysmal technical production quality, and this apparent lack of care permeates the "film" (which looks and sounds much more like an aging VHS tape than any type of film). According to its copyright however, it was produced in 2006, when high quality digital editing equipment was already ubiquitous within the industry, and easily accessible for even amateur home movie producers.

These shortcomings could be forgiven however, if its contents appeared to be anything more than extremely speculative propaganda. Sadly, that is a generous description of the fear-mongering dreck presented here.

The creators of this piece attempted to appear as though they were simply presenting facts about supposed "Children of Satan" who "walk among us" and allowing you to make up your mind, but many of the "facts" are mere speculation, and when it comes to looking at alternative explanations, they do nothing but speculate further that the murderers and cannibals they talk about were not mentally ill. They seem to think that this leaves only one explanation: Pure Evil.

The real facts are that most — and probably all — of these people were mentally ill due to genetic and/or environmental factors, and in many cases they chose violent recreation such as shooting and sexual sadism, and even such violent and desensitizing employment as war and slaughterhouse work.

Any one of these things is too simplistic an explanation for the more extremely aberrant behavior of these people, but combinations of these types of factors can explain what every one of them did much better than the (also simplistic) "Spawn of Satan" hypothesis.

This quick review is not meant to be an in depth examination of this sad piece of work, but any reviewer would be remiss in not mentioning that what appears to be the primary bit of "evidence" presented in support of these people being Satan-Spawned is the supposed date that each subject was conceived. The dates of their births don’t seem to match up with anything special, so these brilliant "documentarians" apparently made up dates which coincided with such pedestrian "Satanic Holidays" as any random Friday the 13th.

How could they possibly know the exact dates of conception when even the parents are unlikely to have ever known them? All this seems to be is a very poor attempt to tie these people to each other and to Satan — who they also provide an astonishing dearth of evidence for.

If you want to watch something that you can occasionally laugh at and mostly ignore, and you can handle a large dose of disturbed and disturbing people, 666 Revealed might be worth putting on when you run out of other painfully bad material. Otherwise, it’s really not worth the time it took to read this, let alone the hour it would take to watch.

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One thought on “666 Revealed, Revealed

  1. Just watched it on Netflix and… wow.

    It must have been a Herculean task shovelling that much horseshit together in one place.

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