Now THAT’S a Museum!

Some of you (okay, probably none of you) have been tempted to go to Kentucky to visit Ken Ham’s Creation “Museum”, but now there’s no need to subject yourself to this monument to willful ignorance.

The Secular Alliance of Indiana University has taken one for the team and brought back some amusing video for us. Their video reveals a museum full of hilarious exhibits of mind boggling nonsense, all carefully designed to show us why we can’t possibly take the whole Bible as literally true.

Wait…this can’t be right. I’m being told that the museum is not trying to make that point? Apparently they actually believe this stuff. Wow. Just…wow.

At least the SAIU got to hear some funny conversations, including probably the funniest creationist quote I’ve heard in a long time:

Little girl: “Pappy, if Noah took all them dinosaurs on the ark, why aren’t there no dinosaurs now?”

Old Man: “That’s ’cause Jesus killed ‘em all.”

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