Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protests

January 30, 2009
January 31, 2009
8:00 amto9:00 am

Tomorrow and Saturday morning the bigots from the Westboro Baptist Church will be out to inform us all that “God hates fags”, and even that “God hates you”. If you do believe in a god, these people probably don’t represent your views, so whether you’re religious or not, if you live in the Phoenix area you may want to come down and show them that we don’t accept their message of hate.

You should be aware that the last time these people scheduled a protest here, they didn’t even show up, but this is a much more full schedule so they are most likely going to be here. You can find a list of their scheduled events on their site, but make sure you check it again before you go out because they have changed it recently and they could change it again.

If you still aren’t sure why we’re opposing them, here is a quote from their site about one of the events tomorrow:

Greenwood Memor Lawn Serenity Chapel 2300 W. Van Buren Funeral of Army Staff Sgt. Roberto Anrade — Look what the Lord our God has done! He is pouring His wrath out on this nation, focusing on your military. So here we were, already planning to be in your area to warn you to put away your idols and your grevious sins against God. Then, our God killed one of your own at such as time as to allow us to be there, near the funeral, to connect the dots directly in front of your face: because you will not obey the commandments of the Lord your God, He has killed another of your rebels in uniform! Thank God for dead soldiers. God is your enemy. America is doomed.

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