Mill Avenue Resistance – March 2009

March 7, 2009
8:00 pm
March 14, 2009
8:00 pm
March 21, 2009
8:00 pm
March 28, 2009
8:00 pm

The usual preachers still seem to be attempting to bore us to death, but this month we saw some of the younger ones trying to organize their own groups and a few others coming in from other areas and even other cities.

These guys were a mixed bag. Some of them were nice and relatively reasonable people who were willing to have civil discussions with us, and others were attempting to overpower us with their insufferable preaching at high volumes with as little interaction as possible. Apparently they haven’t learned yet that they can not hope to win this way, and the people who they want to convert appreciate it even less than we do.

So if any of you guys are reading this right now, come out and preach if you must, but remember that the more annoying you are, the stronger your opposition becomes.

Brief February 27th-28th report:

I was out on Saturday, and the preachers we saw were relatively sedate, but a couple of them seem to have slipped away down the street. We’ll have to keep a closer eye on them next time and find out which new areas they’ve found to annoy.

The night was livened up a bit though by an appearance from our friends Omar and Jim who had some interesting discussions with random believers and a Mill Avenue regular who holds some strange beliefs about the Nephilim and UFOs. I also met a fellow atheist who stayed around for most of the night and plans to come out again, so overall I would say it was a good night.

Friday, from what I hear, was a little different. I couldn’t make it out that night, but I wasn’t really expecting it to be too busy either, so I was surprised to hear that there were over 30 preachers out from at least two different groups.

One of the groups holds pretty silly beliefs (including that the King James version of the Bible is itself divinely inspired and perfect), but for the most part they are fairly nice people. The other newer group of obnoxious and childish young people on the other hand attempted to use their speaker as a weapon to assault the ears of our members by holding it up right by their heads and yelling at them.

It sounded like the few Resistance members who stumbled onto this managed to hold their own though, despite being severely outnumbered, but it looks like as the weather warms up, Friday nights are heating up too. I guess the Friday lull is over and we’ll have to stop slacking, so be ready to put more Friday nights back into the schedule.

I don’t plan to officially schedule Friday nights quite yet, but even if the nights aren’t listed, don’t assume that we won’t be there. I intend to go back to checking Mill out more consistently on Fridays, but whether or not we stay depends largely on the presence or absence of preachers.

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