ASU Secular Free Thought Society Version 2.0

September 4, 2008
5:30 pmto7:00 pm

This semester at ASU we will be restarting the Secular Free Thought Society. This is a group for people who are tired of being told how and what to think by the mass media and religious organizations that have infiltrated every level of American life.

If you have an open mind and want to meet others with similar viewpoints then we invite you to join us.

We will be planning various events throughout the year that include:

  • Countering the spread of narrow-minded religious thought
  • Various outings with other Secular/Atheist groups in the valley
  • The Mill Avenue Resistance
  • Fun Halloween and Winter Parties
  • Plus many more various events

To get more information on the group and how to connect with us, e-mail

We hope to see you there and remember:


Ok, so the first meeting has been tenativly set! W00T. It Will be Thursday, September 4th at 5:30PM. It will be in the MU Somewhere, so far, we will meet at Sparkey’s Den (The Arcade in the basement). I will have a room reserved before then, and that will be posted on this site, as well as the myspace and livejournal. Hope to see all the old faces again and plenty of new ones

Details on what will go on during the first meeting will come shortly!

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