Resurrection Debate – Rules

Preface: This debate is being posted on a Christian site as well as here, and these rules are copied directly from the same source, and have been agreed on by the participants.

That said, while we encourage everyone to be civil and reasonable, and to refrain from using excessively “foul language”, we trust you to use good judgement in what you post and we do not intend to censor you.

Enjoy the debate, and please participate!

Can the Resurrection of Jesus be Historically Substantiated?

The Rules

Welcome to an online resurrection debate. I will be hosting a debate on the topic of the Resurrection between John-Mark "Vocab" and Tim Jorgensen.

Here are the particulars:

TOPIC: Can the Resurrection of Jesus be Historically Substantiated?
Affirmative: Vocab
Negative: Tim Jorgensen

Participant Rules:

  1. Opening Statements
    1. Each participant will provide an opening statement (approx. 1,500 words in length per side). Vocab will give the affirmative side and Tim will give the negative side.
  2. Rebuttals
    1. Each side will respond with a rebuttal to the other persons opening statement
  3. Cross-Examination
    1. Each participant will submit a series of questions to the other person that deal with statements made in either their opening statement or their rebuttal.
    2. Each participant will answer the questions as succinctly and as directly as possible.
    3. New questions are not permitted, unless they are of a clarifying nature.
  4. Closing Remarks
    1. Each side will end with their closing statements

Commenter Rules:

  1. Anyone is free to comment and discuss, just remember:
    1. Keep your comments relevant to the discussion/debate
    2. Attack ideas, not people
    3. No foul language
    4. Keep it civilized
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