“Don’t Divorce”: The Courage Campaign

The passage of “plain language” anti-gay marriage bills such as California’s Prop 8 have some discouraging consequences. According to Courage Campaign, thousands of families are at risk.

Ken Starr, who led the campaign to impeach President Bill Clinton, filed a legal brief last month — on behalf of the “Yes on 8″ campaign — that would forcibly divorce 18,000 same-sex couples that were married in California last year before the passage of Prop 8.

Courage Campaign has put together a beautifully sappy video about the happy couples who would be divorced if their marriages are overturned, with their children featured prominently in it. Unlike in other causes where children are pretty much whored out for “causes”, these children can end up deeply affected by the divorce of their parents.

So the best thing for families is …divorce?

One thing that strikes me about the anti-gay rights groups is how their entire line of argument is based in religious dogma or ignorance, usually both. Gay marriage is “wrong” because of the bible or other religious proclamations based on pastoral patriarchal traditions. Of course, they won’t extend this prohibition to hetero couples that can’t bear children; that would just be spiteful.

Even science has turned against the antigays. One term that they used to rely on without sounding too preachy is that homosexuality is “unnatural” – akin to using intelligent design instead of creationism. However, homosexuality has been identified in various animal groups for years, and more and more evidence show support with the “born that way” argument. The scientific studies and theories are too complex for any simple summation, but I think most in the scientific community at large are satisfied that homosexual proclivities and behaviors are neither wrong nor unnatural.

But what about the “yuck” factor?

I hate beets. I think they’re vile and disgusting. Do I think that we should wipe out this tuberous scourge by enacting legal action against the farming, distribution and sale of this heathen vegetable? Absolutely not. Some strange misguided people might use that precedence to do the same to my beloved broccoli. Simply put, if you don’t like gay sex – don’t have any.

But you can tell Ken Starr where to stick his case.

You don’t need to be an atheist to know that divorcing these couples is unsettling and painful for those involved. Why don’t the anti-gays form their own word instead of being so miserly with “marriage”? Heterogamy actually refers to something completely different, but what about hetrimony?

2 thoughts on ““Don’t Divorce”: The Courage Campaign

  1. Legal marriage is a sham, always has been always will be.. Marriage should be a purely faith based ideal, such as recognized by whatever church you want to belong to that’ll allow you to get married and you believe in their ideas. As for the sharing insurance, inheritance, etc.. should be allowed to add anyone you want to insurance and the like, as well as give whatever you want in case you die. (Although there should obviously be a finding of two people actually living together for a period of time not just 1 day etc)

    -Arioch Cu’Odan

  2. I’m not quite ready to call it faith-based, but I agree that the legal institution of marriage is kinda lame. The legality of it evolved with the complexity of human societies. It’s a way of controlling property and “legitimizing” children.

    If I want to share my life with a person (or persons for that matter), it should be just as recognized as every other union with no added benefit to either group (like being legally recognized).

    As for insurance, if it’s health insurance you should be able to insure your whole family/household under one policy, you just pay for them as if they were another spouse or child at those rates. I hate the idea of health insurance, it’s pretty much twisted these days.

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