Mill Avenue Resistance Reports: Friday, February 13th 2009

The Mill Avenue Resistance reports are written by Kyt Dotson as an extension of anthropological research on the population of Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona. Since the Resistance does their protests Friday and Saturday there are two reports a week. The supporting material not related to the Resistance reports can be found on the Under the Hills blog for Friday, February 13th 2009.

The cold air and red bricks greeted none of the Resistance in organized fashion tonight. However, two separate evangelical prostylizing groups did meet on the Ave: The True Vine Baptist Church from Glendale, and the Payson First Baptist Church “An Embassy of Heaven”. Ed Ware was out with the True Vine group, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him at all; Kazz and Spyral spent most of their time talking to the children in the group—mostly flashing funny phrases in sign language.

Between them they covered between four and five different corners, carrying small white plaque signs with large black lettering exemplaring quotes from the Bible—these signs did not seem constricted only to the True Vine group.

I collected quite a few tracts which have been given to Elaine Mercer, aka Carmina.

Kazz and Omni spent their time talking to one of the members of the Payson Baptist church. That encounter lasted about an hour where various aspects of the loss-of-miracles (i.e. why the contemporary world does not match mythical time of any mythology.) Heard some strange commentary which tried to use the Abraham Dilemma as a discussion of justice.

No recordings were made, but Omni did spend a lot of time talking and Kazz did get some changes to absorb some mirror speech.

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