Mill Avenue Resistance Reports

Kazz has asked me to come in as a guest blogger in order to produce observations of the Secular Free Thought Society’s activism on Mill Avenue as part of their resistance against the activity of Christian evangelists. I will attempt to do my best to perform a critique of the position and reliability of the SFTS, give sociological and anthropological observations of the evangelists, and hopefully entertain a few people along the way.

I cannot promise that I am going to be very kind to either side, although really I am reluctant to say there are “sides” here in spite of the obvious dichotomy of philosophy and the nature of protest activism. Expect a scathing whenever someone steps out of line—yes, I do pull punches, but that’s because I’m inherently academic and not mean spirited, but I can be riled when I see people misbehaving.

I am not a totally outside observer. I am strongly biased against evangelism on Mill Ave because I am essentially embedded with the SFTS cause, although I do not have a strong presence with them. This is because all of Mill Ave is grounds for my study, it’s the place that I’ve lived, and it’s pretty much my stomping-grounds. As a result I feel very strongly about things that disrupt, annoy, or otherwise cause injury to the Ave and its visitors.

If anyone has comments on my observations, my technique, or my apparent lack of discipline in my fields of study, please bring them up. Expect my style to be somewhat gonzo journalism and gung-ho anthropology.

I am here because I love people.

As always this will be excerpts and extended reflections of my notes from my author blog at Under the Hills.

I hope everyone enjoys and I’ll see everyone there.

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