Mill Avenue Resistance: Friday, November 28th 2008

The Mill Avenue Resistance reports are written by Kyt Dotson as an extension of anthropological research on the population of Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona. Since the SFTS does their protests Friday and Saturday there are two reports a week. The supporting material not related to the Resistance reports can be found on the Under the Hills blog for Friday, November 28th 2008.

Nothing to report.

As for the acts of the Resistance tonight, the SFTS gathered and marched from the meeting of the SFTS on ASU common ground to Mill and discovered absolutely no opposition. The lone, littered giant thousand-dollar bill, but nothing of any substance for them to converse with appeared.

They eventually went to eat and cajole after patrolling the Ave. The football game must have lured away the usual visitors. There were several suggestions to go check the entrance to Sundevil Stadium, because as with most marketing it is best to go to where the people are, therefore if any evangelicals did happen to come out they would be there–but none revealed themselves.

The group eventually petered out and went their own merry ways; after spotted conversations with passersby the residuals finally melted into the night.

2 thoughts on “Mill Avenue Resistance: Friday, November 28th 2008

  1. The preachers showed up outside Sun Devil Stadium and annoyed the crap out of the people leaving the football game.

  2. I expected as much, but the stadium is a little outside of my maximum walking distance if I wanted then to stand around on Mill Ave. Of course, seeing as how it was totally dead for Le RĂ©sistance purposes.

    In the past when we had a somnolent Thanksgiving stupor on Mill and a football game, that’s where the preachers were.

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