Teach-in Weekend Wrap-up

This has been a long weekend, and I’m a bit worn out, but I think it was worth doing. Now that I’ve attended the Local to Global Teach-in and I know what to expect, I think we can do more with our table next year, and we can run one or more workshops too, so expect to see us out there in greater numbers and with greater purpose next time.

Still, there was plenty of good material there this year. Being at the table a lot I didn’t get to attend too many of the workshops, but Ezra Niesen’s Planetary Biology and the Anti-Capitalist Revolution presentation was great, as was the Creative Tactics Training workshop by the Backbone Campaign.

You can find a lot of great information at backbonecampaign.org, and you can find Ezra’s books at newbookforanewworld.org. There were a lot of other workshops that looked interesting too, but sadly when you’re a participant and not just an attendee you have to balance your time between the two roles.

So if you missed this one, I hope you’ll come out next time, and we’ll keep our eyes open for other similar events to point you to in the mean time. If you already know of some, please share the information!

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