How many cheeks do I have to turn, John316?

Yesterday, in the aftermath of John316′s vandalism of the forum, I extended an olive branch. I honestly welcomed him to the site and offered to forget the whole thing and start over. This morning he spit in my face.

Not only did he respond with “I have nothing to learn from an atheist.”, but he vandalized the forum again with identical posts of Romans 7:23 in every forum, and he responded to our answers to his original post by spouting lies and abuse and playing the martyr.

Well, John316, I don’t know what to say. I am posting this publicly in the hope that you will see it and that it will get through to you or others like you before we have problems like this again. You claim that you are “done with the forum”, and if that’s true then at least you’ll save me the trouble of deciding whether or not to ban you for your continued vandalism after we specifically asked you not to do that one thing.

The lies and abuse we can deal with, in fact we’re used to it. Despite your claim that we are afraid of you words and that we are censoring you,

“What? Are you so afraid of the truth? You can’t stand my words so you remove them. Will you also remove the words of the other religions as well? I thought not. You are a lire an a coward. You can’t even face me.” – John316

we in fact deleted only the duplicate posts that you put in every forum. We left one of the identical copies, 3 people responded to your post, and I even offered you absolution!

I’m not going to bother responding to everything you said, but I will cover some of the basic problems that riddle it.

Today’s John316 Verse

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

- Romans 7:23

  • You complain of being insulted repeatedly, including in the line right after you insult the person you are accusing of insulting you. Not to mention the fact that nearly everything you’ve posted from the beginning was riddled with insults.

    You called us hypocrites, but what you did is the very definition of hypocrisy.

    You may think we haven’t been nice enough to you, but I think that we have been nicer to you than most Christian sites would be to a similarly unruly atheist.

  • You lecture and denigrate us as if you know us better than we know ourselves, but you make us sound like the most despicable people in the world.

    That may be what you think of us, but I assure you, we are not bad people. If you took some time to see what we were actually like rather than coming in with such horrible prejudice, you might realize that.

  • You say that we are not animals and that we alone have souls, but you base this solely on the Bible, and it is dead wrong. If you took time to objectively observe the world, you would see that we are very clearly part of the animal kingdom, and not nearly so superior as many think themselves to be.

    As for souls, on the off chance that something akin to a soul does exist, I don’t know how we could believe that we alone possess it. If it’s there then it must be in many or all other animals as well. Still, it seems a very unlikely thing to exist at all.

  • You claim that our acceptance of the fact that we are animals is “a sure fire bet you’ll start picking up the ideas of Hitler. Mark my words you will kill rapanet and with out cause. It in your nature.”

    You take a very dim view of humanity, which is sadly in line with a literalistic reading of the Bible. I don’t mean to scare you, but at least 10% of the people around you (and probably a lot more) are atheists. I don’t see a 4th Reich starting here though, or even in the countries where most people are atheists. Your words just don’t ring true.

  • I just have to quote this one…

    And yes God is merciful and so is his vengeance. You will burn because you have sinned against an infinite and all powerful God. He is truly all loving and I look forward to your day of suffering. Mark my words it will come soon. Us Christens are tired of your lies and you mockery. You think you can just insult our God and be done with it? – John316

    Wow. Just…wow. Not only do you repeatedly say that you look forward to seeing us die and suffer for eternity, it sounds like you are threatening to start a holy war and kill us all!

    …and yes, I do think that I can just insult the despicable, depraved degenerate of a story book god that encourages such deranged behavior as yours, and I will continue to do so.

    You nuts can martyr me if you like, but you would only help my cause more than I could if I lived a hundred years.

  • Again I feel compelled to quote a whole paragraph.

    We force nothing upon you. It is your choice to accept Christ or die. You on the other hand force us to read your propaganda force us to sit in you schools and force us to believe in your lies. You are the essence of all that is evil in this world and God will come to judge you. You will be left wanting. – John316

    First, “accept Christ or die” is an attempt at force. If your Muslim equivalent came up to you and said “Accept Allah and Muhammad his prophet or die.”, would you still think of it the same way?

    As for the things that “we” (“we” here includes most Christians by the way) “forced” on you, your parents could have taught you at home or sent you to a private school where you could be at least somewhat shielded from reality, or you could have just dropped out.

    It seems though that you have instead chosen to attend ASU and intentionally subjected yourself further secular horrors.

    As for forcing you to believe anything, you obviously have not been forced to give up your faith or accept reality the way it is, so I’m not sure why you claim that one.

    As for us being “the essence of all that is evil in this world”, again you are staggeringly off base. Please take a look at Darfur, or North Korea, or many parts of the middle east. Pretty much anywhere you turn you can find horrible atrocities perpetrated by not only unbelievers but members of almost every religion around, including Christianity.

    In fact, if you want to see the “essence of evil”, you can start with a small taste of it by examining your own words and actions here over the last few days.

  • Just one more long quote.

    You honestly think you selfs greater then God and all of his loyal followers? You will know his judgment. You will know suffering. Satin is waiting for you. – John316

    Satin may be less luxurious than silk, but I’m not sure it’s exactly suffering. Maybe steel wool? Even burlap would be a much more torturous material. Satin is actually kinda’ nice.

    I know this last bit is a little petty, but seriously, for a university student your spelling is atrocious. Are you sure you were forced to go to school as a kid?

I guess I ended up being more mean than I intended to be at first because I went through your most recent post as I was writing this and I was annoyed by having such baseless, hostile and offensive drivel spewed at all of us. I particularly do not take kindly to being threatened.

Even if you don’t come back, John316, you have proven that not only is our fundamentalist Christian caricature not an unfair portrayal, but it probably doesn’t go far enough. In fact, you make it look almost normal by comparison.

Whether you continue to post here or not, please, find us next Saturday on Mill Ave. Try to bring a convincing argument though, because so far you’ve been a threatening, abusive vandal, but you have yet to bring up a single good reason for us to believe a word you say.

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My name is Shawn Esplin and I am an advocate of Free Thought and general good sense and thought in general. To that end, I encourage people to seriously question the things that they have been taught, especially as children, because many of these things - religious and secular - are taken on faith until we actively choose to seriously examine them for ourselves.

3 thoughts on “How many cheeks do I have to turn, John316?

  1. Sad.

    The troll wasn’t even smart enough to properly move onto the next stage. Instead they’re a mere spammer.

    Must be the larval stage troll. John316 please return to the training grounds until such time that thou molt at least to the nymph stage.

    Still! That was a rousing experience, even if this creature only veils itself in a laughable pretence of Christianity. Spamming transcends tribe. Of course it’s done with us now; petty vandalism on top of some badly spelled screeds—like childish crayon scribbling.

    There is no way to know if this individual was Christian or not, I say it doesn’t matter. There are those who will feel vindicated that religious behavior is stupid, inane, and repugnant because of this asshat. As much as it may have been an actual member of that tribe, it could also be another type of base troll flying a false flag.

  2. Once again, frustrating people refuse to listen when they want others to have open ears.

    Even though this is marginally cruel I’m going to state it anyways. Perhaps Heaven is Hell because Heaven is like Heroin. It feels good the first couple times but you continually need more drug (bliss) to attain, or maintain in this case, that eternal heavenly bliss. Bliss, like good and pleasure, must be measured against pain, suffering, discomfort at least. So eventually that bliss is actually a torment, because thou shall simply exist, however that is not even true for existence is by what is experienced and actions taken, not by simply doing nothing. In this sense, perhaps hell contains some pain but a large portion of hot springs. I think I’ll take the conversation over the drugs thank you, mostly cause the drugs only last so long.

    The above post is me venting some frustration at what i would have liked to discuss with someone on the boards who is a Christian. However, it seems i must wait for one more sane to appear. The above segment is simply a thought, it is not what i believe but a question to be answered. Anyone who will be out on Mill on Friday or Saturday, please stop by. We’ll be out there, talking away. Be well-mannered and we will be also.


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