Hey There Cthulhu

I meant to post this video a couple of months ago when we were doing Cthulhu Carols on Mill Avenue for the Solstice, but I forgot to post it then, so here it is now.

If you don’t understand what the song’s talking about, it’s probably because you aren’t familiar with the Cthulhu Mythos created by 1920s horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. If you don’t already know it, and you like weird myths and horror, then it may be time to familiarize yourself with his work.

Here’s a bonus live version of the song too, in case once wasn’t enough for you. I know it wasn’t for me!

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My name is Shawn Esplin and I am an advocate of Free Thought and general good sense and thought in general. To that end, I encourage people to seriously question the things that they have been taught, especially as children, because many of these things - religious and secular - are taken on faith until we actively choose to seriously examine them for ourselves.

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