The Inauguration of the Anti-Christ

If you’ve been paying any attention, you should know by now that Barack Hussein Obama has only been pretending to be a good Christian, but really he’s a secret Muslim and a terrorist. Tomorrow this great country of ours will swear in Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States and Terrorist in Chief, and one day you will all regret it.

One day, when the whole world is ruled by Barack Hussein Obama and his world government, you will regret it. One day, when all of mankind is marked with the mark of the beast, you will know you did wrong. One day, when the Anti-Christ’s forces are defeated by the armies of God and the Jezreel Valley below Megiddo drowns in rivers of blood in the battle of Armageddon, you will know you did wrong in the eyes of the Lord and He will not have pity on you unbelievers unless you repent now and accept his perfect sacrifice for your sins so you can be on His side in the battle and reign with him in his coming kingdom of glory! Hallelujah!

I know lots of you kids on this web page want this evil man to be your President, but you all don’t have the True Christian Radar I have for seeing just who is a good follower of Christ and who isn’t. I bet Barack Hussein Obama won’t even support Israel’s holy invasion of Gaza because it’s his people against God’s people!

That’s about all I’ve got to say about that now. You picked him, you live with him. Until a righteous army of God comes to sweep me up along with God’s other faithful servants to march on Washington and overthrow the false godless administration of Barack Hussein Obama, I will be talking to you from inside the Tribulation Bunker.

To all of you Christians who have not yet fled the country or built your own bunkers, may God have mercy on you. I expect that within days you will be rounded and herded into concentration camps where you will have to wait for our holy armies to free you, if you aren’t killed right away that is. We will come for you as soon as we can though, so keep the faith. Trust in God and He will deliver you out of harm or into Heaven. God bless you all, my Christian brothers.

Your friend in Christ,
P. Enos Young

10 thoughts on “The Inauguration of the Anti-Christ

  1. Not being in the habit of using vile language, I have troubl expressing my opinion of this *%@#%&>. There, I feel better

  2. The fact that nutbars like you even exist amazes me. Is it because that you live in such a intellectually indowed and tolerant country that this is so?

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