Never Stop Thinking

Should you stop thinking and just believe?

That’s what many people would like you to do.

Faith in gods and religious books like the Bible is easily shaken by the simple act of thinking objectively about your beliefs.

Many find justification for their hatred within their religious beliefs. Rather than follow this example, we should look for truth wherever we can find it. The Bible and other religious books contain good ideas, and we can incorporate them into our lives without believing in anything supernatural, and without blindly accepting the hate, lies and suffering they also support.

Consider some of the actions attributed to gods – things that our own “religious tracts” like to point out – that most people aren’t aware of. Then decide whether or not you can support these actions as the “works” of a loving, caring, omnipotent god.

Many don’t know about the more disturbing contents of their holy books, things their churches are unlikely to ever mention, but you can tell them.

Break that taboo; think for yourself!

We don’t need to justify ourselves with belief and faith.

Realize that it is okay for us to question people’s religious beliefs just like anything else. We don’t have to respect unfounded faith in the imaginary, and given many religious people’s plans to force their ideas on the rest of us, it is not safe to ignore them.

Check out the articles, books, tracts and forums available at Better Than Faith. Look for truth wherever you can find it, but please be skeptical, demand proof for extraordinary claims, and don’t let yourself be hoodwinked by charlatans.

Question your political and religious leaders. Question your parents. Question your teachers. Even question yourself.

Never stop thinking and you will find the truth for yourself.