Be a Good Christian Hermaphrodite

Hermaphrodite Symbol

What does it mean to "Be a good Christian hermaphrodite"? How can we possibly know without consulting the Bible? Let’s do that now.

The Bible spends quite a bit of time talking about and legislating sex, and for many millions of people it is the single unquestionable source of perfect moral teachings. What then does the Bible say about the sexual relationships of intersexed people? Little to nothing.

This leaves the few Christians who even consider the question with a dilemma. "Do I try to find an answer hidden in other Bible verses, do I make up my own answers, or do I simply dodge the issue in a way that can’t be seen as sinful?"

While most seem to take the latter approach and ignore the issue or give meaningless answers, some of the more moderate Christians actually understand the issue and take a more reasonable approach, ignoring the "slippery slope" to homosexuality, and accepting gender reassignment surgery and sex with the opposite of the chosen gender.

Fundamentalist Christians on the other hand seem to have only one possible answer, as given by the infamous preacher "Brother Jed" to an intersexed friend of mine: Abstinence. He prescribed life long abstinence.

The reason that no other answer was viable for him is that he shares the common fundamentalist idea, which appears to be supported by the Bible, that homosexuality is a horrible sin. If a physically intersexed person is allowed to have sex with anyone then they would at least outwardly appear to be having homosexual sex, and there is no way a good queer-hating fundamentalist Christian could support such an "abomination".

Sister Pat, one of Brother Jed’s sidekicks, said that an intersexed person could get into heaven by "living as a good Christian Hermaphrodite", although what exactly this entails was never made clear. Brother Jed himself also opined that the reason some people are born intersexed is that their parents were bisexual.

Hermaphrodite Statue at the Louvre

Hermaphrodite at the Louvre

This shows a gross misunderstanding of genetics and sexuality, and basically punishes babies for their parents’ "sins" through the miracle of divine intervention. If these scapegoated children live their lives in complete devotion to God and abstain from (potentially homosexual) sex and all other sins to the best of their ability, will God, their omnipotent creator, perform the simple miracle of assigning them a singular, complete gender so they can then produce a family to worship him forever?

The answer seems to be no. Like the miraculous healing of amputees, miraculous sexual reassignment does not happen.

The reality is, like most people in general, many Christians do not know what actually causes people to be born intersexed, and they have just as little information about how these people should live their lives.

Intersexed individuals (formerly described as "hermaphrodites" from the Greek god Hermaphroditus who possessed both male and female physical traits) are those who are neither exclusively male nor exclusively female. They may have biological characteristics that are both male and female, expressing physical traits (phenotype) of one sex but possessing the sex chromosomes (genotype) of the other. Variations in physical expression occur, and it is possible that someone who appears physically "normal" is, in fact, intersexed due to their genetic makeup. The birth rate of all of these "hermaphrodites" is generally 1%, and while this sounds low, remember this is one out of every 100 births[1].

In most societies intersexed people have a hard enough time already without trying to live by the conflicting and often unrealistic expectations of Christians and their outdated and inadequate book.

The best an intersexed person can do is find what feels right, with the help of genetic testing and counseling if necessary, and with or without surgery just try to live life the best they can as the gender(s) that they feel they are.

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My name is Shawn Esplin and I am an advocate of Free Thought and general good sense and thought in general. To that end, I encourage people to seriously question the things that they have been taught, especially as children, because many of these things - religious and secular - are taken on faith until we actively choose to seriously examine them for ourselves.

64 thoughts on “Be a Good Christian Hermaphrodite

  1. RE****If a physically intersexed person is allowed to have sex with anyone then they would at least outwardly appear to be having homosexual sex, and there is no way a good queer-hating fundamentalist Christian could support such an “abomination”.***

    Not really, an intersex person’s Genome will almost always consist of one phenotype, XY or XX. Male or Female. It’s the physical characteristics which tend to be skewed. Mind you that many intersexed individuals do not feel that their genome actually reflects their psychological state and hence will seek out a mate with a phenotype similar to their own, i.e. a HOMOsexual one. So an intersex person who looks more feminine and identifies as a women may have an XY Sexual chromosome (genetically male) but would likely seek out a male as a mate, and hence be at a genetic level homosexual.

    Good to know that Hitler was redeemed while many of the gays tortured and killed by the Nazis are burning in the lake of hell fire. Godwin for the win! The problem is your phrase “Genuine Christian” is completely subjective. What you say is a Christian may not be what another person considers to be Christian, and the bible is in no way fully clear on this.

    Given that two people of the same sex can’t marry acodding to the bible, your question becomes a loaded one. As I already explained above an intersexed person is very to be in a homosexual relation.

    Some people have no internal sense, and are physically asexual or bisexual. The same goes with intersexed people. You see this is the problem that this article was pointing out, that the biblical vilification of sexuality is completely and utterly bullshit, due in at least part because it does not deal with such real world examples as intersexed individuals.

    Humans, just like other animals, don’t always have a clear sexuality or a clear physical sexual orientation. Hell, it’s possible to argue that some homosexual individuals are intersex in that their wetware is wired to exhibit homosexual attraction while exhibiting physical and psychological traits of their genetic sex. i.e. I can argue that there is a strong semblance between intersex and homosexuality, in that a homosexual individual will likely have cortex feature identical to the opposite sex and hence give them a native attraction to the same sex. Hence if intersex is biblically OK, then homosexuality must be as well.

    There is no clear “internal gender” though.

    I see, so is a true Christian anything like a true Scotsman? I’m sorry but historically it has been the case that christens were indeed “queer-hating”, and I’m sorry but many modern christens aren’t much better. More to the point, it’s not your place to judge.

    Anyone who favors their fan club can not be said to be impartial. Plus like I’ve pointed out, if homosexuality is a sin then in all likelyhood any sexuality by an intersexed person is also likely a sin as it’s likely homosexual at some level.

    That’s great, it’s good to know that the activities of two mutually consenting adults are no worse (or better) then murder. You know just the other day

    God also condemns heresy as blasphemy against the holy ghost. Be carefully how you interpret your scripture. One false move is truly unforgivable.
    Fundamentally you continually speak of TRUE christens. Unfortunately that is not your place to decide. Even by pointing this fact out you are still judging that some people are or are not true christens. You can’t do this. Since only god can judge and you are clearly trying to judge the behaviors of other christens you are in fact (knowingly or not) raising yourself to the same level as god. This is most certainly blasphemous, if not our right heresy.
    Bit off topic, but this is why I’ve stopped arguing with street preachers. I’ve come to the conclusion that if the bible truly is correct (which I’m dead certain it’s not) then they will be just as likely as me to burn in hell. If the bible isn’t an excuse for Hitler, then why would it be for anyone else?
    Luke 6:37 ““Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven”
    Basically so long as you don’t judge other’s you will not yourself face complete judgment, your sins will be forgiven, you will be allowed into heaven, ect… However, should you judge then you your self will be judge by the same full set of standards that the other is being judge upon. Hence Christ’s blood will not save you as you would have effectively wiped it away in this instance. You can’t judge another and expect to end up passing gods judgment, as it’s not your place.

  2. … I just realized that my quotes got eaten… Well if you need any help sorting out what was quoted and not let me know.

  3. My understanding of all of this hermaphrodite bussiness is that, I’ve been taught that God makes no mistakes & everything that happens he allows it to; so therfore how could being born with both genetils be a mistake? Even if the Bible doesn’t speak on it; my belief is that hermaphrodites are a generational curse passed down from sin committed by a persons ancestors just a being born with deformalities or other birth defects, no sin goes unpunished according to the Bible and sometimes we pay for sins that we didn’t directly commit; sometimes God uses other people to make us pay for our sins, someone close to you may have to die to correct a sin you commit; however this still doesn’t explain why the Bible doesn’t speak about this rare birth defect and it does about homosexuality which I also beieve is also a result of a generational curse; YES! I beieve that some people are born GAY! I know what the Bible states but let us keep in mind that it too was written by MAN and there are missing books…I’m not saying that I don’t believe in the Bible because I do, but I also believe that mythology and it go hand and hand to truly explain some instances you need the mythological origin explaination to fully understand some occurances. I know this goes deep and into other subjects but I clearly believe that to understand the truth about hermaphrodites you need to get the greek gods explanation of Hermes & Aphrodites and the absence of the entire occurance in the Bible backs my expainations as to why I feel this way. Mythology just flows with the Biblical times all the way to the Jordan River and the birth defects that are more common in those countries than in the U.S. does anyone else see this the way that I do??? If so, please tell your views on this.

  4. The article to me is both interesting and compelling at the same time because people should know that intersex people do exist and that they are very sensitive people. I for one am a Christian, i’ve accepted christ into my life when I was young. Jesus Christ is my savior I CHOSE to BE A Christian, therefore Christ is my god and no one else can take that away, he {jesus} also personal therefore i chose to follow and seek him . But just to cut the Christian B.S off and change the subject i do think that intersex people just ned to be cared for and looked after by people. Whether Christian or not, they still need to be loved. And FYI no one can Earn there way to heaven you just need to except Christ as your savior and u are forgiven from EVERYTHING .GRACE is THERE EVEN IF THE WORLD IS NOT FULL OF IT GRACE IS THERE :) . Therefore if an intersex person with genuine love for another person , I can only honestly say yes it would appear homosexual, but if I were to ask and they said yes “i am intersex” then what can we say as Christians, but then again same thing goes with homosexuals, transgenders, and lesbians is that a genetic mistake or lifestyle choice… JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT because you never know… :)

  5. I totally agree with “End Game Omega” quote very well said 100% this comment need to be quoted so everyone get awareness of peoples who is burn with both sex part Man & Woman an individual who was or has bend burn as intersexed person or is hermaphrodite no comment on that quote.

    We knows GOD’s is a Loving GOD”s
    1. what GOD’s say about those peoples who a tempt to make change with there body becoming something they are not if they are burn as she or he and later becomes an transexual person?!. < isn't it A Sin or Not ?? to make change with there body for which is the Temple The of GOD's and why can't they be who they are?
    2. that we should it and be HOLY~(meaning "Secrate" )as well as our GOD's is our Temple of Heaven as well on earth and GOD's is HOLY!!!!!!.
    3. question about immoral sex dose GOD's accept or not ??.
    4. what GOD's says about HOMOsexual & bisexual peoples??.

  6. If you believe that the bible is telling the complete truth how many years has it been translated over and over again and reworded to fit “today’s” ideals. In the Bible it states that Jesus sweated blood it is medically proven that only a woman or a hermaphrodite are able to sweat blood and according to history dating back to 10 thousand BC buggery or same sex was acceptable as a form of contraception. So if you have problems with this and you prey to the crucifix you are sinning according to the 10 commandments thou shalt have no other god or false icon before me saith the Lord God and these words have been etched in stone. So there is millions of people who are sinners by praising Jesus who will not be saved or find salvation. That is why I am an Atheyest

  7. Greetings in Jesus the Christ,
    I am a christian that studies difficult topics that are all too often left unanswered.
    I have learnt through my life changing, personal experiences that the Holy Ghost is there indeed, and the fruits are good. And the Holy Spirit is in fact given for a valuable reason: to instruct us, enlighten us, and guide our lives toward God. Without the Holy Ghost all we have are voluminous amounts of seemingly perpetual literatures floating around. And all we could do would be make theories and hypothesis. Without knowing the absolute answers our conclusions may be subject to change. The Holy Ghost is the determining factor in what is God breathed and what is not. I know that this sounds like a generic answer, but God has personally shown this to me. But then again, this is a very intimate relationship that one must personally experience to truly understand. All I can do is witness.
    This specific question I have pondered for many years. And although God has, at times, revealed answers to me, this one He has not…yet. But then again, the Holy Ghost has undeniably instructed me to make certain changes in my life non related to this topic. And so, changes are happening for me at this very moment.
    God has foreknown each and every one of us, even before our birth. There is no life, where He has not created life. And there is nothing outside of God.
    People ponder many ideas: surgeries to determine their sex, hormone medicine, etcetera. Also, I have questioned if the hermaphrodite, were to have sex with another hermaphrodite, or someone of a naturally determined sex, wheather or not by utilizing all their sexual organs, if they would be performing homesexual acts in one way or another. This no doubt will be an interesting journey. Praise God even in the midst of confusion.

  8. This is a very difficult topic. I am a Bible believing Christian. While I believe there are translation errors in all versions, if we had the original manuscripts I believe they would be without error. I sometimes question if some books we use should be in the canon and if some we use should not be. For instance, the Hebrew is a very ambiguous language often with words translated by the context, example being Elohim (gods in Genesis 1:1 is the same word translated “angels” in the book of Psalms, whereas the Koine Greek if oppose with for example several words in the Greek translated “sin” and several translated “love”. Accordingly, the Old Testament is re-translated when we learn that science is different than what we once thought, such that the Bible cannot always be construed as accurate. There is no doubt that the Bible teaches against homosexuality both in the Old Testament and New Testament, although Jesus did not address the subject in the gospels. The issue of hermaphrodites is not discussed, although eunuchs are discussed in the Old Testament (those without the use of their male organs for whatever reason), which is about as close as the Bible gets to this subject. They seem to be divinely set apart for service to God’s work, and presumably would not ordinarily engage in sexual practices. Certainly, one cannot condemn hermaphrodites since they were born that way. Do they need fixing? I do not know. God certainly cannot condemn them for something they cannot have been responsible for. But we do “fix” other genetic anomalies such as conjoined twins, unclipped tongues, cleft palates, club feet, etc, and no one vehemently opposes that, presuming it was God’s intention that they be like that. There are many things in this world that happen which God did not intend and which he cannot control- because he gave man and spiritual beings “free will.” On the other hand, those born heterosexuals who live in opposition defiantly to God’s natural order cannot be followers of God or of Jesus, in my opinion. That is what is defined as the “practice of sin”, that being to willfully oppose God’s will and rebelliously practice that disobedience. We are to love everyone according to the teachings of Jesus, and that includes hermaphrodites and homosexuals, but we cannot love their rebellion, if in fact they are rebelling. Personally, I hope no one goes to hell. Personally, I hope the liberals are correct and there is no hell. But I can assure you there will be some kind of judgment for the behavior of man, whatever the judgment may be. There cannot be truth without justice, and truth is greater than love; otherwise, there would be no good or evil or good or bad or consequences or rewards, as that would be illogical.

  9. Actually many intersexed people have a genome that includes XXY and further multiples, and are truly genetically both. A male caleco cat is an example of such an animal. It is quite common making up a significant portion of the intersexed. Such people may not know that they are intersexed and appear to be fertile which results in children. The interesting thing about the Bible, however, is that it seldem actually says what people say it says. For example, the G-d who made male and female in “his” image was perceived at the time to have a male and female persona. While the G-d of the Hebrews may be refered to as a “He” his spirit or breath of life was considered a “She”. It was not until the fourth century that the Holy Gohst became male instead of female. In other words folks, the ancient G-d of the Bible is in fact two spirited being both male and female. Furthermore, the Eunichs of the bible are the third gender known in most cultures; they are not Eunichs in the terms of the English meaning of the word, or it would be impossible for someone to be “born that way” as stated by Jesus in Mathew 19:1-12. The Bible doesnt say what people say that it does. The epistles of Paul were written while Paul was being tortured by the Romans in a Roman prison. Paul states that his writings are not gospel. His statements on Sexual behaviour are related to proper Roman culture as opposed to Pauls initial instructions allowing women to decline sex; women suddenly had to submit to their husbands. Also, jesus in Mathew 19:1-12 makes it clear that the laws of leviticus are moses’ laws and are not G-d’s laws. He states it just as clear as day because Moses allowed divorce but G-d does not. Jesus is cool; it is the Christians who are misled.

  10. Let me give you my opinion..
    Is that since worms are all hermaphrodites.. for a hermaphrodite to be a good christian they can only make love and cex with other hermaphrodites..

    either that.. or..

    they are sin free from doing either side..

  11. Saying that ‘People are Born Gay” is just the same amount of excuse with validity as one whos ‘born to kill’. Nobody has been able to disprove the bible -EVER. Yet many will attempt to dispel it with futility. On the equal plane if ‘being born are people born with Facial Deficits (Ugly), Deformed, retarded, ILL,”unisex falls under Deformity”. Since WE weren’t likely born with some or all the above. We shouldn’t TRY to act like a Scholar of Knowledge unless we’ve walked in their shoes. Bible states “My People are DESTROYED by LACK of Knowledge”. It is time it confide in GOD about GODLY things. We can apply MANLY tactics to GOD’s word. Reading the Bible with a sincere heart is where our answers are. Afterall its where GOD is able to thru prayers to reach us and teach us life’s most complicated lessons.

  12. @Mk, a person need not be excused for being homosexual; unlike the contra-example “born to kill” there is nothing criminal about homosexuality (under any sane law) and there’s nothing immoral about it (under any rational system of ethics.)

  13. Being born intersexual myself gives me a true understanding how God really feels about us folks. In all reality when this life is over sex will not matter or how we were born. Give God some credit, his intelligence and knowledge on this subject is above our pay raise.

  14. First of all@gator.. Lol women do not sweat blood.. Second,Jesus prayed so long and hard that his sweat,became great drops of blood.third,he knew he was about to be crucified,so he asked the father,that this cup be taken from him..but not my will,but your will be done.. He was afraid(wouldn’t you be) he could have asked the angels to deliver him,but chose to die for us.. Forth,the crucifix,is a reminder,of what Jesus did for us.. (not an idol or God) fifth,the bible was not written by just any man,but the men God chose to write it.. Fifth, if you think the bible is outdated,then you must not understand that,God,is never changing,he dosen’t write the bible to suit our lives,it’s the same today as it was then..(will never change) if we take portions we like to go along with our lives,then you are adding and or taking away from your treasures in heaven your pains in hell.. We are living under grace.. But one day we will be judged.. No,we are all sinners,saved by grace.. A free pardon (to those who believe) that dosen’t mean we can be willfully wicked,it means when we fall short of the glory of God(we all do) that we can repent and turn from our wicked ways and keep going forward.. When you repent (God knows your heart) it has to be in sprit and truth.. You are forgiven,and will never be remembered against you again..(never) yes God loves you.. The question is,do you love him? If you do love him,why would you (put him to an open Shame or put him on the cross again) by willful wickedness.. We can’t live the world,and God.. Remember,when the world hates you,it hated him first. But he has overcome the world..

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